Monday, August 29, 2016

Brown County Courthouse
601 Oregon St.
Hiawatha, KS.  66434

Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

*2nd floor offices close to public at 4:30pm

History of Brown County



1st Floor 2nd Floor
Commissioners Office
(NW Cor)
Appraiser Office
(NW cor)
 Court Service Office
(East side)
 County Clerk Office
(NE cor)
 Extension Office
(West side)
 Computer Dept
North side)
 County Attorney Office
(SE cor)
 Register of Deeds
(West side)
Services for the Elderly Office
NE cor)
 Treasurer's Office
East side)


3rd Floor
District Court Offices (East side)
Main Courtroom (Top of stairs)


601 Utah St. 709 Utah St.
Adult Community Corrections                                           
Sheriff's Department
Juvenile Justice Authority - J.J.A



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